WATCH: Here’s SICK Proof ‘The Media’ Is Spewing DNC Talking Points – UNREAL!

What a bunch of trained seals!

Watch this embarrassing display of Media types proving that they’re the DNC’s unregistered Super-Pac.

Their candidate is in trouble, almost eating a faceful of curb, but here comes the media cavalry charge to save the day!

She’s not frail and feeble! She just ‘Decided’ to ‘Power Through’, ‘Power Through’, ‘Power Through’ …’Power Through’, ‘Power Through’, ‘Power Through’ …

What a strange coincidence that everyone in media land snapped up the same phrase to explain her situation … and repeated it, often twice, and sometimes a lot more than that!

Notice the graphic when Jennifer Granholm’s name comes up … with no sense of irony, it says ‘Transparency Test’.

Well MSNBC, let’s say you just failed it. You and all the other alphabet media cronies!

It was so embarrassing that ‘Power Through’ got its very own Talking-Point Drinking game! If you’re going to pull a scam like this, the trick is to not get caught. But then again, Clinton doesn’t do subtle.

This is hardly the First time we’ve seen Hive-mind like this.

Remember the media reaction to Trump’s GOP Speech?

This might jog your memory: Daily Wire.

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