WATCH: NJ Cops Blow Up BACKPACK Filled With Pipe Bombs – America’s Under ATTACK!

Published on September 19, 2016

Remember the announcement over the weekend? That the bombs weren’t connected? That we’re not looking at a terror cell? Well, things have changed.

A terror cell may be operating in New York and New Jersey.

That’s the terrifying possibility being considered by authorities after a backpack containing up to five explosive devices was found in a New Jersey train station Sunday and the five suspects were stopped in an SUV full of weapons on the bridge to a New York airport.

These are just two more chilling twists in a shocking 36 hours that have seen bombs detonated in both cities, 29 people injured and further devices uncovered in public areas.

The backpack was discovered in a wastebasket near Elizabeth Station by two men at around 9:30pm, Elizabeth Mayor Chris Bollwage said, adding: ‘They took the package out of the wastebasket because they thought it was of some value to them.’

Seeing wires and a pipe, the men then dropped the bag and called police – who dispatched a robot to disarm the devices.

However, footage from the scene shows the robot accidentally cutting the wrong wire on one of the IEDs, causing a huge explosion. One of the robots was damaged, but no one was hurt in the blast.
Daily Mail

Police set up a checkstop on a bridge, and five men in a car were apprehended with bomb-making supplies in the car.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo said Monday morning that there is a possible ‘foreign connection’ behind the Chelsea bombing, at the same time as the FBI announced Ahmad Khan Rahami, a 28-year-old male from New Jersey, was being sought in connection with the attack.
Mayor Bill de Blasio said Rahami, a naturalized US citizen originally from Afghanistan, could be armed and dangerous, adding: ‘We need to get this guy in right away. My experience is one the FBI zeroes in on someone, they will get them.

…Officers at Elizabeth train station were startled by the huge bang that erupted without warning just before 1am on Monday morning when the bomb squad robot cut the wrong wire on one of five devices – causing it to explode.

Authorities said the loss of life ‘could have been enormous’ with the device discovered at a spot where, just hours later, thousands of passengers would ordinarily be gathering for their morning commute.

While there was no immediate sign of damage to the station, authorities warned the public there may be more detonations through the night as they attempt to diffuse the remaining IEDs.

Daily Mail

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