WATCH: Sick Old Hillary Wears HUGE Winter Coat On Warm Day

Published on September 26, 2016

She’s cold, that’s why she wears all those huge coats. She overheated on a mild day in NY, that’s why she fainted on 9/11. Which is it?

This is just too weird.

Watch the way Hillary holds onto that handrail and somehow gingerly clomps down the steps.

Just Watch:

Weird, right?

What about not hearing the reporter that’s standing, what, 10 feet from her? That’s odd.

Video footage shot yesterday in New York shows a sick-looking Hillary Clinton wearing a heavy winter coat in New York despite it being a warm afternoon, with temperatures hovering around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hillary is wearing a heavy green winter coat that is buttoned up, which would obviously be uncomfortable for healthy people on a warm day.

Just two weeks previously, Hillary infamously collapsed during another visit to New York, an incident that was blamed on her pneumonia and Clinton feeling “overheated”.

If she’s having problems feeling too hot, why is Hillary wearing a huge winter coat on a warm day?
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We can’t keep up with Hillary’s illness. It’s like a Katy Perry song:

How will she handle the debate tonight under those hot lights?

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