WATCH: Trump Fan BOOBY TRAPS Trump Sign – Liberal Vandal Meets The BOOM!

Published on September 5, 2016

They believe in free speech. Unless you put up the ‘other’ team’s political signs. Watch what happens when someone tries to mess with it.

Democrats love free speech. Don’t want it suppressed. Are all about rights.

And then they see a Trump-supporting lawn sign and lose their minds.

They could ignore it, or trespass onto someone else’s yard and steal it. Guess which one they go with here?

“I looked out my front door and the sign was lying about four feet over, and it was crumpled up pretty good,” he recalled.

But it still remained on his property due to his rather ingenious idea of tying it in place with fishing wire and string that he then spray-painted green.

Though he managed to stop the first attempted theft, however, he still wanted justice, so he then installed a camera outside to catch any additional would-be thieves.
Conservative Tribune

Of course, someone else DID try it. You can watch their EPIC fail on the video.

It gets better… the footage has been forwarded to local police. Because — SURPRISE! — there is no ‘right’ to steal someone’s yard sign.

This isn’t a unique problem. It seems a lot of people are stealing Trump signs. Enough that even CNN is reporting on it!

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