BOOM: The Difference Between Donald & Bill PERFECTLY Illustrated In One Meme

Published on October 13, 2016

What’s the difference between The Donald’s talk and Slick Willy’s actions? We have it summed up it right here:


That perfectly encapsulates it.

‘Believe me.’

We’ve heard time and again that Bill isn’t running for President, and it’s unfair to use his actions against Hillary.

But, his actions were covered up by Hillary, and they (allegedly) haven’t stopped. What’s more, they may even be worse than what has been reported so far.

The potential ‘First Gentleman’ is certainly no gentleman at all.

Despite repeated adultery, sexual assault, and rape allegations, Hillary continues to ‘stand by her man’ AND play the woman card.

She is trying to have it both ways.

She says that women who are victims of sexual assault have a right to be believed, but she stays married to Slick Willy.

That just doesn’t sit right with many female voters.

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