BOOM: Hillary’s GIRLFRIEND, Megyn Kelly, Just Got BAD Rating News (LMAO)

Published on October 15, 2016

Should we be surprised to see her spanked like that? Yes.
But just LOOK at who it was that crushed her!

In the overall ratings category, all FOX News shows between 4pm and 11pm Eastern lead when compared to their competitors except the Kelly Hour. Megyn Kelly’s show is getting beat by Rachel Maddow at CNBC.

This never would have happened two years ago.

…It’s clear to anyone who supports Donald Trump that FOX can no longer be relied on to offer a counter-balance to the all powerful mainstream liberal media complex. People are tuning out Kelly but coming back to FOX for Hannity’s show.

No doubt that if FOX was fair and balanced they would be winning big with election coverage. Instead they aim to follow the rest of the mainstream this year. Hannity, as data now proves, is the only cable show on any cable news network that gives Trump a fair shake.

Gateway Pundit

Maybe Fox News watchers prefer a reporter that TELLS the news without becoming a PART of it.

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