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BREAKING: CNN Busted EDITING Keith Scott Shooting Video (DISGUSTING)

If there was any doubt as to CNN’s agenda, we now have TWO separate stories where CNN has been altering evidence to shape their narrative. This is nothing short of journalistic malpractice.

The BREAKING example is the story about Keith Scott’s shooting.

You will remember the video we’ve all seen from the family’s cellphone.

Pay attention to which voices you can hear on this recording:

Contrast that to this second recording:

Does anything seem missing from the first one?

Do you hear the police shouting ‘drop the gun’ over and over in the CNN version? No?

Ok, do you hear her telling the cops ‘he doesn’t HAVE a gun, he has a TBI, he just took his medicine’. in the CNN version?

No? Can you think of any reason they might want to leave that part of the story out?

Because we now know that evidence at the scene backed up the police description of him having had a gun:

DEAR RIOTERS: Your Boy Was Carrying A STOLEN Gun And His WIFE Filed This Against Him

Isn’t this EXACTLY the same situation we saw in Milwaukee when CNN got caught passing the sister of the dead thug off as a ‘peacemaker’ when she was really saying don’t burn OUR neighborhood down, burn THEIRS down!

The lie was deliberate.

It is ALWAYS deliberate. CNN. The most ‘trusted’ name in news? Busted lying twice?

Considering the consequences of these lies were dire: people were assaulted. Livelihoods ruined. Businesses destroyed. People out of work. And relations between both sides in these communities were set back by DECADES.

At what point do we start thinking dishonest stories like this are actually contributing to the violence, and fall into the realm of ‘inciting’?

Share if CNN has a LOT to answer for.

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