BREAKING: Hidden Camera BUSTS Dem Official Describing MASSIVE Voter Fraud Scheme

Published on October 11, 2016

Would an election official know a thing or two about what’s REALLY happening with election fraud? See for yourself!

How well does this fit the ‘official narrative’?

Allan Schulken Commissioner of Board of Elections, NYC was candid when he didn’t know the cameras were rolling.

He talks about bussing groups from poll to poll. He talks about problems with ID. And a bunch of other stuff.

He’s not happy about the fraud, but the people who CAN fix the problem… don’t WANT to fix the problem.

This also sheds some light on why so much attention is paid to the minority vote. If people in certain communities have a multiplier effect in their actual votes, this affects overall turnout.

What does this REALLY mean?

It means we have government officials that willingly commit crimes so that THEY cannot be held accountable to YOU the voter, and so that THOSE who are IN power… STAY in power.

No wonder they tolerate the politicization of the IRS, FBI, DOJ etc.!

If there is no accountability to the average voter, the literally CAN get away with it!

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