BREAKING: McCain’s BETRAYAL Of The Republican Party Is NOW Complete!

Published on October 19, 2016

If there WERE an ‘Academy Award’ for RINO Leading Man, ‘Republican’ John McCain has just won it, hands down.

It was yet another final straw in a career of final straws: On Monday, Arizona Sen. John McCain walked back a promise to help oppose Hillary Clinton’s Supreme Court choices if he were part of a Republican Senate majority.

According to The Hill, McCain seemed to intimate he might even be open to supporting said candidates, no matter what their ideological backgrounds.

McCain’s spokeswoman, Rachel Dean, said that McCain “believes you can only judge people by their record,” and even though Clinton “has a clear record of supporting liberal judicial nominees,” McCain would consider them.

“Sen. McCain will, of course, thoroughly examine the record of any Supreme Court nominee put before the Senate and vote for or against that individual based on their qualifications as he has done throughout his career,” Dean’s statement continued.

The statement came only hours after McCain had promisingly told a Philadelphia radio station that the Republican Senate, should the GOP maintain a majority, was ready to utilize its advise and consent role it had kept locked up in Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s desk for the entirety of the Obama administration.

“I promise you that we will, we will be united against any Supreme Court nominee that Hillary Clinton — if she were president — would put up,” McCain said. “This is why we need the majority.”
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Republican supporters are feeling like Benedict Cumberbatch at the 2015 Oscars; drinking from a mickey and telling the cameraman to ‘Go Away’.

Leave us to deal with the betrayal.

We, the people, prefer heroes that don’t sell out their ideological convictions for political expediency.

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