HEY, CNN: Charles Barkley Had THIS To Say About Trump’s ‘Locker-Room Video’

Published on October 19, 2016

Oh, look! An honest Democrat!
And Barkey might know a thing or two about locker rooms — he’s seen a few in his day.

Charles Barkley has never been one to hold his tongue. The outspoken pro basketball Hall of Famer has sounded off on issues of race, politics and socioeconomic inequality in the past, all while serving as a basketball commentator for TNT.

So when, two weeks ago, Donald Trump dismissed comments he made in a 2005 recording about groping women without their consent as merely “locker room talk,” sports fans were expecting Sir Charles, as he is known, to weigh in.

But even as dozens of other pro athletes roundly denounced Trump’s characterization and said they had never heard anything like what Trump said in their locker rooms, Barkley stayed quiet.

This Tuesday, he made his opinion known, and it was decidedly against the vocal consensus.

“”I’m against any form of sexual assault or sexual harassment,” Barkley said in an interview with CNN. “But in the locker room, I’ve heard things and I’ve said things myself that I would not want to be repeated publicly.

“For people to act like they haven’t heard stuff in the locker room, I think is disingenuous.”

Barkley did not reveal what any of those conversations were about, but he is not the first athlete to pass up the opportunity to bash Trump. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady ignored a press conference question last week about whether he had ever heard language similar to Trump in a locker room.

Even though he usually votes Democrat, and won’t be voting Republican, he’s turned off by Hillary. So he’s not ‘shilling’ for Trump.

Barkley’s just calling it dishonest the way Trump is being thrown under the bus for the same kinds of chatter pro athletes DON’T get called out for.

Barkley said Tuesday he has also voted solely for Democrats throughout his life, but Clinton’s candidacy has him considering abstaining.

“I’ve always voted Democratic my entire life but I’m having a hard time pulling the trigger for (Hillary Clinton),” Barkley told CNN. “She might be a wonderful person, I don’t know, but there’s so many negatives about her.

“Right now I haven’t made a decision if I’m going to vote or not. But if I vote, I’m gonna vote Democratic but it’s … just something about her that makes me uncomfortable.

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