DEAR AMERICA: Have You LOST Friends Over THIS Election?

Have you lost any ‘friends’ over this election? I haven’t because I only have a handful of friends and we’ve been to hell and back.


From Monmouth:

The Monmouth University Poll also finds that 7% of voters report having lost or ended a friendship because of this year’s presidential race. This includes 9% of Clinton supporters, 6% of Trump backers, and 3% of other voters. This is not that unusual though – 7% of voters say they have lost friendships over political campaigns in the past.

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Despite the verbal grenades being thrown on TV and social media, the overwhelming sentiment about the nation’s politics is one of disappointment rather than rage. While 20% say they are “angry” with Washington, about two-thirds (66%) say “dissatisfied” is a better description of how they feel. Of course, this means not much more than 1-in-10 voters have a positive feeling toward Washington, including being “satisfied” (9%) or “happy” (3%). This general pattern holds regardless of partisan identification.

Here is a handy Template of a typical Facebook argument:

One person posts this:


The next one this:


Then you get this:

Has this happened to you?

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