DEAR CNN: Cops Shoot White Dude And No One LOOTED WalMart

Published on October 2, 2016

A familiar story with a ‘twist’ ending. What made this one end differently, do you think?

Last week black rioters in Charlotte, NC tore the city up to protest the “racism” of a black cop shooting an armed black man. On Monday in Howard County Maryland, cops shot an armed white man and so far there have been no reports of rioting. The WalMart hasn’t been looted and roving gangs of white people aren’t beating up random blacks. What the hell is going on? Don’t white people understand how racism and state oppression work?

In Charlotte, 43-year-old Keith Scott was shot and killed when he brandished a handgun and refused police commands to drop the weapon. In a similar case in Maryland, an unnamed 40-year-old white man was shot when he brandished a firearm and refused commands to drop the weapon.
WJLA reports that Howard County police were alerted to a man with a gun who may be headed to a home to kill his family and then himself. The officers caught up with the man in his Jeep Cherokee and a 40-minute stand-off began. At various times he put the gun to his head but didn’t pull the trigger. The police have speculated the man was trying to commit “suicide by cop.”

Eventually the man got out of his vehicle and pointed the gun at officers. The police shot the man one time in the torso, dropping him immediately. A special tactical medical response team was on hand and the man was airlifted to a hospital where he is listed in critical condition. This man is white. There is no word on the race of the officer who shot him.

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The stores — even the Walmarts — still stand.

There is no evidence of marching. Or violence. Or mobs.

A guy was shot by a cop. He may yet die.

Why do you suppose that is?

Could it be that nobody has automatically assumed malice on the part of the cop? That they’re waiting for the facts to come in on the events?

Wouldn’t it be nice if others did the same?

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