DEAR CNN: A Woman Bill Molested Says, ‘Hillary’s Called Me a Bimbo For Years…’

Published on October 3, 2016

Remember when Hillary got all huffy about Trump’s exchange with Rosie? How she tried to take the high road? She’s never once set foot on the high road in her entire life.

“This no longer about Bill Clinton’s transgressions or his infidelities or girlfriends or sex … it’s not about that anymore,” Willey told the Washington Examiner. “What it’s about is the actions that his wife has taken against the women that he has raped and assaulted.”

They say Hillary Clinton’s involvement in efforts to discredit and disparage women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment, assault and even rape make the scandals relevant to the presidential race.

Willey said she has bristled at Hillary Clinton’s attempts to convince voters of her commitment to protecting women.

Hillary Clinton’s been calling me a bimbo for 19 years, as well as Paula [Jones] and Juanita [Broaddrick] and Gennifer,” Willey said.

…Jones’ 1994 sexual harassment lawsuit against Bill Clinton ultimately exposed additional alleged affairs and incidents, including his relationship with Lewinsky. While the former White House intern and the president himself initially denied any inappropriate contact during depositions in the Jones case, recordings, documents and DNA evidence later proved that Bill Clinton had lied under oath about their affair.

…Broaddrick has accused Bill Clinton of raping her in 1978 during his campaign for governor of Arkansas. Because she initially filed an affidavit in the Jones suit denying the rape out of fear of retaliation, then recounted the rape to federal investigators in the Whitewater probe, many Clinton allies tried at the time to paint her as an unreliable witness.

Washington Examiner [all emphasis is added]

Hillary thinks she can get away with calling women who’ve seen her husband naked ‘bimbo’ — a long list — and still somehow stand as the ‘defender’ of women.

She was actively trying to destroy the names and reputations of women who accused her husband of rape.

Behold. Queen Hillary. Defender of…
… her own ambitions.

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