ELECTION 2016: Does the MEDIA Know It’s RIGGED?

Written by Andrew Allen on October 26, 2016

By Deplorable Andrew Allen

Two stories have dominated media coverage over the past several days. On the one hand, there’s the mountain of “reporting” and op-eds that insist no way no how could an American election ever be rigged. On the other hand, pundits are aghast that Donald Trump might challenge election results if they don’t go his way.

Let’s Dispense with The Bait and Switch
The media have done a good job of baiting the public and then taking the narratives far afield from reality.

In a day and age in which the VA, IRS, DNC and Hillary Clinton, and any number of name brand companies are routinely cyber-attacked, we’re told that the various agencies in charge of elections have somehow mastered cybersecurity so well that they and they alone have rendered themselves immune from attack. That’s right, the federal government’s Office of Personnel Management lost the personally identifying information of millions of federal employees, but the Federal Election Commission has all their information protected under impenetrable lockdown. As if hacking is the only way to rig an election. Clever bait and switch though, trying to connect election fraud and cyberattacks.

Same goes for all the hysterics over Trump’s refusal to commit to election results no matter what the outcome in November. These hysterical Hillaryites after all, had no problem with Al Gore taking the 2000 election – hanging chads and all — to the Supreme Court. When George W Bush was declared the winner, they did anything but accept the results. “Bush is our appointed President” they sneered when they weren’t treating his election as comparable to a coup d’état. To this day they believe George W Bush “stole the election”.

The Media Is an Extension of Hillary’s Campaign
Keep in mind that the mainstream media is an extension of the Hillary Clinton campaign. Leaked emails prove it, as does a list of the various news outlets whose editorial boards have openly declared their opposition to Donald Trump. So does a quick review of mainstream media content. CNN, the New York Times, USA Today, MSNBC, the Boston Globe and so on, have given Trump no quarter. ABC’s Martha Raddatz practically argued on Hillary Clinton’s behalf against Trump during the second Presidential debate.

The collaboration between media and the Hillary Clinton is as absolute as it is pervasive.

Why Is Trump’s Commitment So Important to The Media Then?
Would it make any difference if Trump came out and said, “Yes, I will accept the results of the election no matter who wins”? Only if Hillary wins the election. Why would that matter to the media?

If 2016 devolves into a series of recounts and court challenges, the media won’t mind. They’ve probably got their stories ready to go should they be called to rescue Hillary from hanging chads and court challenges. They live for this stuff.

Remember, the media is part of Hillary’s campaign. If the media knows the election is rigged and that Hillary’s win is guaranteed, Donald Trump is the only obstacle that stands in the way of Hillary’s coronation come January 2017. How can the media remove that obstacle?

Trump has survived every scandal real and imagined the media has thrown his way. If Donald Trump were to commit to accept election results though, that – in the eyes of the media – would squash any post-election day opposition to Hillary’s victory. Anyone that questioned the legitimacy of her win would be promptly denounced because “even Donald Trump agreed that it Hillary Clinton won the election fair and square.”

It’s no more complex than that, folks. There’s a really good chance the fix is in, the media knows about it, and the media is laying the groundwork to make sure Hillary isn’t challenged when she steals the 2016 election.

Image: By Congress of local and regional authorities – originally posted to Flickr as Camera crews at the joint Press Conference given by the Congress and the ODIHR, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10694586

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Andrew Allen
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