FBI PROBE: Huma At The HEART Of Yet ANOTHER Hillary Scandal

Written by Leonora Cravotta on October 30, 2016

The October surprise just got here three days shy of Halloween and it’s a doozy. On Friday October 28, FBI Director James Comey announced that he is re-opening the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s unsecured email server due to his learning of “the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the Clinton investigation” from “an unrelated case”. As it turns out the “unrelated case” is the FBI probe of former New York State Representative Anthony Weiner who is being investigated for having engaged in sexting episodes with a minor. Weiner is the estranged husband of Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin.

The emails were found on a computer which was jointly used by both Weiner and Abedin. Abedin and Weiner separated after the news of the underage sexting scandal surfaced. Weiner has had a history of inappropriate extramarital texting and social media communications, but the recent situation was the first known circumstance involving a minor. The New York Times first reported the connection between the Weiner investigation and the Clinton email probe. (FBI to conduct new investigation of emails from Clintons private server)

Huma Abedin who currently serves as Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff has been connected to the Democratic nominee for president for over 20 years, a relationship which began when Ms. Abedin served as First Lady Hillary Clinton’s White House intern, two years before the arrival of the most famous White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. One could argue that Abedin now rivals Lewinsky for that title. Lewinsky played a role in bringing down a presidency during its sunset. Abedin is now playing a role in bringing down a presidency that hasn’t even seen dawn.

I have written extensively about Huma Abedin, highlighting the professional and personal similarities between her and her world famous mentor, this week’s “Happy Birthday to Me” girl, Hillary Rodham Clinton. First of all, Abedin and Clinton are both highly ambitious. Secondly, they both have exhibited questionable ethics. At one point Abedin was simultaneously employed by The State Department, The Clinton Foundation and Teneo Strategies, an organization headed by long term Bill Clinton operative Douglas Band. While wearing these multiple hats, Hillary’s “go to girl” was accused of using her “special employment” status to influence peddle. Examples of Abedin using and abusing her Clinton “gatekeeper” role to advantage both herself and her famous boss, came to light in the treasure trove of emails drip- dropped by WikiLeaks. (Bird of a Feather-Clinton Aide Accused of Influence Peddling). This past summer, we learned that Huma Abedin worked at a radical Muslim journal for ten years while simultaneously in Mrs. Clinton’s employ. Oh, and by the way, the editor of the publication, The Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, is none other than Dr. Saleha Mahmood Abedin, Huma’s mother. Huma’s affiliation with this publication was controversial because both Huma and Dr. Abedin wrote articles which were in direct opposition to the Western view of women, ostensibly championed by Hillary Clinton. (More Scandals Involving Hilary Clinton’s Top Aide Huma Abedin) Thirdly both Abedin and Clinton are true sisters when it comes to their choice of men. After all, there are a lot of parallels between the behavior of Weiner and Bubba, giving Huma and Hillary plenty of girl talk material.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the two ladies have exhibited the same level of “extreme carelessness”. Hillary was as careless with her email server as Huma was with the confidential documents or “burn papers” which she left in a car. Obviously, there was also some level of carelessness in the way she used Humaabedin@yahoo.com or else we wouldn’t have found the bombshell in her erstwhile husband’s electronic communications that led to the re-opening of the FBI investigation involving the first female nominee for President. Or as the New York Post so aptly put it “The Stroking Gun”.

In the meantime, The Trump campaign is overjoyed. They can’t believe that fortune has smiled on them once again this week. The first time was the news of the skyrocketing Obamacare premiums in key battleground states.

As for Huma, my prediction is that Hillary Clinton’s handlers will throw her under the bus, claiming that she is too much of a liability for the campaign. So much for sisterhood.

Image: by Zennie Abraham; https://www.flickr.com/photos/zennie62/9355659991/; CC BY-ND 2.0

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Leonora Cravotta
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