HEY HOLLYWOOD ELITISTS: Your ‘Vote Hillary’ Vid Sucked … ‘We The People’ Made One For YOU (Watch)

Published on October 5, 2016

You will, no doubt, remember that patronizing video stuffed full of Hillary supporters telling us shamelessly how we should vote. Someone filmed a non-celebrity response, and it hits them where it hurts!

You’ve probably seen the Hollywood propaganda piece already. It had wall-to-wall Hollywood stars telling us what we should do this election.

It wasn’t long before that exact same video had been adjusted to include exactly the type of messaging Hillary wants us to forget, with the original words (except for a snippet at the end) unchanged. If you missed that one, you can see it here.

Funny thing about Americans. They tend not to appreciate being told what to do by patronizing people who think they are our ‘betters’. They had a little spat with England over exactly that issue, you may remember.

Is it any surprise that the very ‘regular folk’ that were being patronized by that video put together a reply to these ‘famous Actors’?

Well now, in that thoroughly American tradition — they are being mocked. Mercilessly.


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