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HILARIOUS: Teacher SLAMS Boy For Wearing ANTI-HILLARY Shirt – His Response Is EPIC

Kids can really surprise you with their responses. This teen was raised right and gave the PERFECT answer when goaded by his pro-Hillary teacher. YOU. WILL. LOVE. THIS.

It’s difficult to be a Conservative kid today in the cesspool of liberal public education.

Often times young people get painted up as not having a solid head on their shoulders, what with the progressive indoctrination they have pounded into their brains by liberal educators in the public school system.

Thankfully, not every kid falls for the junk being spewed forth in modern classrooms.

Like Mason for example.
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From the Facebook feed of the teenager’s father:

So…Mason wore his “Hillary for Prison 2016” shirt to school today. One of his Clinton-supporting teachers whom he’s has political discussions with asked, “Did you wear that for me?”

His reply, “No, for Chris Stevens.”

Mic drop.

What more do you have to say?

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