Written by Ashley Lauren on October 18, 2016

By:  Ashley Lauren
Clash Daily Contributor

The only thing worse than a man who discriminates against women to their face, is a woman who does it behind their back. For over forty years, that is exactly what the self-proclaimed champion of women, Hillary Clinton, has been doing to our gender.

Go back and watch any of her stump speeches, press conferences, campaign ads, and you’re likely to see some mention of the importance of women. She’s bloviated for years about women’s rights, equal pay, access to women’s health care and breaking every glass ceiling she can. Much of her own Presidential campaign has been propped up by the historical significance of Hillary potentially being the “first woman” elected as commander-in-chief. After all that, one would think Hillary really cares about women.

Except WikiLeaks has done women everywhere the service of showing us what the real “champion of women” is like. And the fact that she has a public and private opinion on things, is beginning to shed light on Hillary’s dark pattern of turning her back on women. Taking all other policy positions out of the discussion, if you’re a woman, there are a few things you should consider before voting for Hillary.

1. Bill’s sexual assaults from the past matter: Every relationship has its ups and downs, and many can relate to forgiving a spouse who has wandered once or twice. But what kind of self-proclaimed “champion of women” stays with a man who for decades has repeatedly (and publicly) humiliated her, disrespected her, and put her personal health at risk? It’s one thing to stay with a man guilty of infidelity, but it’s quite another to stay with one who by many accounts is a sexual predator.

2. Saudi Arabian money matters: Through the Clinton Foundation, Hillary accepted millions of dollars in donations from Saudi Arabia, a nation that governs its women by the harshest and most brutal social laws of any culture. Lashings, stonings, amputation of limbs, and death for everything from stealing to adultery. This is not a small sect of Saudi Arabia that subscribes to Sharia Law…it’s THE legal system of the country.

3. The ISIS-Saudi connection matters: To add insult to injury, recently leaked emails from WikiLeaks suggest that Hillary Clinton and her team suspected Saudi Arabia of funneling logistics and money to the Islamic State. In case you forgot who they are, they’re the worst perpetrators of crimes against women that we’ve seen in our lifetime. The forced rape and sexual slavery is so brutal and humiliating, their young prisoners have been recorded as trying to send notes to the outside world begging for their compounds to be bombed.

What kind of woman, who has dedicated her life (at least publicly) to empowering and fighting for women condones or accepts any of the things outlined above? I’ll tell you:

A woman who taught countless women and young girls that it is perfectly acceptable to trade your dignity and self-respect in exchange for power.

A woman willing to take money from anyone writing a check in order to further her own selfish ambitions, while steam rolling over millions of desperate women and girls enslaved under Sharia Law, and the Islamic State.

A woman so desperate to get her name in the history books, that she’s willing to leave millions of women behind in her march to the white house.

As she boasts about breaking through the last glass ceiling, the shards of glass are falling on women everywhere.

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Ashley Intartaglia is a Florida native, Senior Vice President of an award winning political media and communications firm, and a frequent commentator on Fox News and Newsmax TV. She is also a passionate animal advocate and volunteer at a local shelter.