HILLARY’S GOOD JUDGEMENT: Weather Channel Ads DURING A Hurricane Are A BAD Idea

Written by Andrew Allen on October 11, 2016

By Deplorable Andrew Allen

Why was anyone surprised – much less faux-offended – when Hillary Clinton decided to run scare ads in Florida right before Hurricane Matthew struck? Read her last name.


Shady, scam-infested, windfall-into-a-cesspool profiteering is all the Clintons have ever been about. They are the kind of people that would load up a truck with bottled water and gasoline and sell each for $10 a gallon just to grift off storm victims. Doubt me? Ask Haiti.

The more remarkable aspect of the story was how blatantly S-T-U-P-I-D the idea was. Not from the standpoint of political optics. From the standpoint of the obvious: what happens when hurricanes hit?

If you said people lose power, you’re right. Some lose power for only a little while. Some – as yours truly has experienced – lose power for more than a week. (After Hurricane Ivan in 2004 I spent about ten days without power). Without power what happens?

If you said people don’t watch television, you’re right again. Whether it’s nana’s old talkie-movey picture box or the latest in flat screen HD put a cherry on top, if it ain’t getting any juice then it ain’t gonna show you a Hillary Clinton ad.

Perhaps the only thing dumber than Hillary dumping millions into TV ads nobody could ever see if they wanted to, is the fact that dozens of our nation’s allegedly best and brightest pundits left and right never even stopped to consider this angle of the story.

photo credit: Crawford Brian Hillary via photopin (license)

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Andrew Allen
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