Libs Forgot About THIS ’08 T-Shirt They SPAWNED That’s WAY WORSE Than Trump’s Tongue

Published on October 10, 2016

Exactly how do you play the ‘woman card’ while wearing one of these?


As the fervor over Trump’s ‘Hot Mic’ moment continues to boil on, The Gateway Pundit reminds us that Presidents are human, too.

Enjoy these ‘colorful’ Presidential moments.

First up, an angry JFK reacts to a newspaper photo, LBJ gives TMI to his tailor, and drunk Nixon discusses Watergate:

For the win — LBJ’s crude joke, Nixon talks about San Francisco, George W. Bush drops a 4-letter word while chatting over a meal, Obama reads from his own book using the ‘N’-word:

Obama, again reading from his own book, says ‘pussy’:

[WARNING: He’s not talking about a cat.]

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