LMAO: Hillary Says Trump’s ‘Vulgar’ Yet She TOUTS This DISGUSTING Thug

Hillary is a ‘morally upstanding’ candidate. And she would NEVER say anything or promote someone who endorses sexually objectifying women. Especially AFTER what Trump said eleven years ago.

Her pristine and delicate ears cannot bear to hear any offensive utterance that might be overheard in a truckstop or a construction site.

That’s why, when she sits down for a nice meal and takes that hot sauce out of her purse, THIS artist is what (someone who knows technologically far better than she does) pulls up from her playlist.


It’s possible some of you have not yet had the pleasure of hearing his work. Here is a sample of his lyrics.

Hillary loves them, so you can be sure they’re ‘wholesome’.



Actually, with his Billionaire pedophile friend out of commission, Bill probably wouldn’t mind hitting up this guy’s house parties. Sound like it’d be his kinda crowd.

Share if Hillary’s outrage disappears whenever it might upset her voter base.

Like Clash? Like Clash.

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