LMAO: Hillary’s Corrupt Cabal In FULL PANIC MODE – Look At Their FRESH FBI Spin

Published on October 30, 2016

The ONLY thing ‘transparent’ about Hillary’s team is their attempt to manipulate the media message in their favor.

Hillary Clinton took her war against FBI Director James Comey right to her own supporters Saturday, bringing up the freighted issue of her email scandal and the FBI’s investigation at a rally in Daytona Beach.

She took on Comey head-on a day after he released a letter announcing that the bureau was examining new emails connected to its investigation into the former secretary of state’s private server.

…’If you’re like me, you probably have a few questions about it,’ Clinton told a crowd of about 900 at a community center. ‘It is pretty strange. It’s pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information, right before an election,’ Clinton said.

The crowd booed at the first mention of the FBI issue.

‘In fact, it’s not just strange it’s unprecedented and it’s deeply troubling,’ Clinton said.

Have you noticed that she keeps using that phrase ‘deeply troubling’? She uses it to inject EMOTION into discussions about facts. Because EMOTIONS can be manipulated, where facts cannot.

If she can make you FEEL something about the facts or claims then THAT becomes the story rather than the facts or claims themselves. She uses the term both for offense (what opponent x said about me is ‘deeply troubling’ as well as these actions are ‘deeply troubling’)

Hillary does not want you to think about the FBI case. She wants you to feel about it. She just wants you to dismiss it as invalid… or ‘deeply troubling’.

Just as a heads-up, before you read Hillary’s next line, put down your coffee. It contains near-lethal doses of irony.

‘Voters deserve to get full and complete facts. And so we call on Director Comey to explain everything right away,’ she said, calling out Comey by name.

She urged Comey to ‘put it all out on the table.’

If she REALLY believed voters had such a right, there never would have been a private server in the first place… there never would have been the destruction of emails under subpoena. There never would have been a whole WHACK of things for which Hillary has absolutely NOBODY to blame but herself.

Share if this is exactly why Hillary is unfit for ANY public office, let alone President.