LMAO: Hillary’s SUING Makers Of This Pro-Trump Ad Using MICHELLE

Published on October 28, 2016

Hillary is SUCH a fan of free speech that she’s willing to use the courts to stop people from saying mean things about her. Since when is quoting a Democrat’s speech ‘wrong’?

Since when? That’s easy. Only when it undermines Hillary’s chances of becoming President.

Because the Democrat they’re quoting is Michelle Obama. The 2008 version. Back when she was proud to be an American for the first time.

Buzzfeed News (full story here) Reported:

On Monday, the Clinton campaign sent cease and desist letters WFLA-TV in Tampa, Cox Cable in Gainesville, Bright House Cable in Orlando, and WESH-TV in Orlando, demanding the stations stop airing the ad, according to sources familiar with the situation. Spokespeople for the stations could not be reached for comment.

…In a letter to the stations, Make America Number 1’s lawyer Larry Levy argues Hillary for America’s demand in an attempt to “deny the public an opportunity to view our advertisement because it is ‘false and misleading’. In reality, HFA simply finds it politically inconvenient that a top surrogate for its candidate once held a differing view concerning her qualifications for

“If HFA seeks to make a factual argument concerning the meaning of the words clearly and unambiguously videotaped coming from the mouth of Michelle Obama, they are free to do so. They are not, however, free to threaten legal action to prevent the public from making up its own mind,” Levy added.

In a statement, the PAC’s spokesperson Hogan Gidley mocked the legal maneuver. “Hillary’s just angry because the ad is impactful, it’s working and it speaks directly to the women she’s been trying to con for years. Hillary’s own campaign said when Michelle Obama speaks out, ‘it has a real impact,’ and indeed, we agree – because it was Mrs. Obama who correctly pointed out Hillary Clinton ‘certainly can’t run the White House,’” Gidley said.

This only confirms what Republicans have said all along.

The Left and Right have different instincts:
When the Left sees ideas they disagree with, their instinct is to silence them, ready to pressure them through all available means including ridicule or force.

When the Right sees ideas they disagree with, they want MORE speech, so that their opponents can say enough dumb things to show why those ideas aren’t worth supporting.

There was a time when Americans cherished their freedoms. With Hillary ‘tipping her hand’ like this, will that make anyone hating censorship rethink who — exactly — they are supporting?

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