What MARCO Said About Wikileaks Makes Him Prom Queen Of PUSSVILLE High School

Published on October 19, 2016

Oh, Marco. Were you trying to be funny, or is this the real you talking?

Are you saying you’d join #Team #DroneStrikeAssange?

We live in a decade where the media has completely capitulated to a few powerful interests (looking at YOU Soros!)

These are leaks demonstrating, in many instances, grey or outright criminal behavior.

Demonstrating violations of the democratic processes.

Demonstrating collusion between a major party and the media.

Demonstrating attempts to manufacture a slander campaign against a political rival… including planting false stories to discredit and destroy.

Demonstrating an absolute contempt for the average voter, and the system put in place to constrain runaway government.

Demonstrating an absolute contempt even for the rule of law by the governing party, for the independence of the IRS FBI, DOJ, and ICE among others.

Now Marco… let’s make this PERFECTLY CLEAR.

If ANY OF THIS is true of you? We don’t give a damn what letter comes after your name. We would want YOU Exposed, too.

If you’re feeling nervous, that’s a good thing. It’s the healthy fear of the public that (when the media does their job) keeps the abuses of political power fewer and farther between.

It’s when that fear evaporates… like when government officials blatantly protect corrupt friends from prosecution … that lesser nations have historically turned to more violent means of putting the scales back into balance.

Let’s try not to go that route. It ends badly.

Instead, we want MORE Transparency and accountability. Not less.

And if it makes you nervous, your options should be obvious: either a clean campaign, or a Private Sector job.

Share if Wikileaks and Veritas are doing the job that the media WON’T.