OBAMA: A SUCCESSFUL President? That Depends… Did You LIKE America?

Written by John DeGroff on October 2, 2016

This is the continuation of the first installment of this article, in which I put forth the idea that Barack Hussein Obama is one of our most successful presidents because he’s managed to either wholly or partially destroy seven entire segments of American society. I call him successful because he made a campaign promise that he would do just that.

In the first part of the article, I cataloged how he’s ruined health care, race relations, the military, and the economy. Here’s the rest of the list. Judge for ourselves if I’m correct or not.

5. Worldwide alliances destroyed
Obama has been unwilling to back Israel in any way. Couple this with an inability to back up his “red lines” in Syria with any real action, and you see how he’s turned the Middle East into more of a hell hole than it ever was.

Sure, he presided over the death of Bin Ladin, but keep in mind it was all the intelligence and leg work that American troops and our few allies in that region did under G.W. Bush that actually got us to the point where we could take him out. Remember also that Al Qaida was pretty much a spent force and ISIS didn’t exist under Bush.

The Arab Spring started on December 17, 2010. What could have been a turning point for democracy in the Islamic world was ignored by Obama.

He has insulted the Israelis and the British, while bowing before the Saudi king.

Under his watch, Russia’s Putin has gained more power; Hillary Clinton’s State Department bungled not only Benghazi, but also turned the entire country of Libya into another Islamic sewer; and he has weakened our alliances with NATO by reducing troop strength and pulling out of Eastern Europe.

His United Nations speeches praising Islam (and recently promoting globalism over U.S. sovereignty) along with his “let’s blame and apologize for America” world tour, have weakened international confidence in what was once America’s leadership role.

6. Constitutional system of checks and balances destroyed
In 2012, with Congress in gridlock, Obama made high level appointments to the National Labor Relations Board. Obama had declared that Congress was recess. In actuality, the Senate was holding pro forma (meaning “to satisfy a minimum requirement”) sessions every three days, thus technically they were “in session”.

In 2014, the Supreme Court struck down three of Obama’s appointments to the NLRB. The court ruled them unconstitutional because the Senate was not actually in recess during the three-day break when the appointments were made by Obama.

It was also in 2014 when Obama made his famous remark about having a “pen and a phone” and his willingness to use both to go around Congress to get what he wants.

Obama has issued 249 executive orders as of August 2016. By contrast, G.W. Bus did issue more, at 291. However, the difference is that Bush didn’t publicly show any contempt for Congress when he didn’t get his way.

As we’ve already mentioned, Obama already bypassed the provision in Article II which states appointments will be made “…by and with consent of Senate…” when he made his NLRB appointments.

Under the Constitution, the President is required to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” He has not “faithfully executed” our immigration policy and process. He did not seek Congressional approval before bombing Libya. Obamacare itself is an unprecedented move to force American citizens to purchase a product from a government approved third party.

During a radio interview in 2001, when he was a state senator for Illinois, he publicly stated that he thought the Constitution was flawed because it put restraints on government. That is pure socialist thought.

7. Destroyed immigration
In all due respect, our immigration policy/system hasn’t been properly enforced going back to the Reagan era. Since each successive president pledges to defend the Constitution from “enemies foreign and domestic”, Obama had a great opportunity to be the one who solved the problem. You’d think since he’s so concerned about his so-called “legacy’, he’d jump at the chance. Instead, he made it worse.

Beside the fact that he mocks the idea of actually closing our southern border, it’s his 2014 anti-deportation plan that truly shows his disdain for fixing immigration. Under his plan, roughly 4,000,000 illegals who have lived here since 2010 and who have children and no criminal record, would get into a program that shields them from deportation and eventually provides a work permit.

The plan was challenged by Texas and 25 other states. Because this plan was blocked by a lower court in 2015, the evenly split Supreme Court allowed that rejection to stand.

Obama is on record saying that if Congress had accepted federal Judge Merrick Garland as his Supreme Court nominee, his anti-deportation plan would have been upheld.

Hillary Clinton, for her part, pledges to uphold all of Obama’s policies and even uses the ruse of “protecting families” to stop deportation of illegals.
Now, add to this the Syrian refugee influx, and we no longer have an immigration policy at all. Thousands of unvetted Moslems are already here, and Clinton wants over 100,000 more.

This is a great way to destroy a country by using its own bad policies and ignoring its laws –flood it with unskilled immigrants, many with disease, from the south; and then throw in 100,000 Moslems who won’t assimilate, basically hate our way of life, and who want to kill us.

As I said in Part 1 of this article, Obama is probably the only politician who has actually kept a campaign promise. Just look around…he has certainly transformed America.

Hillary Clinton has said she’ll continue his policies. She has said Christians need to back away from our faith. She wants to disarm all law abiding gun owners…and if she’s allowed to win (or steal) the election, she’ll have the Supreme Court loaded with American-hating progressives who will drive the final nails into the coffin of what was once the United States of America. We can’t allow the Obama legacy of destruction to continue.

Image: by janeb13; https://pixabay.com/en/barack-obama-and-bo-2009-play-run-1174375/; CC0; Public Domain

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John DeGroff
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