PATHETIC: Hillary’s VP Boy, Tim Kaine, Holds Rally – Guess How MANY Showed Up!

Published on October 25, 2016

Tim Kaine was stumping in swing-state Florida, and he got quite a SHOCK when he saw the size of the crowd!

‘I’m with Her’!

Yeah, Tim, it’s looking like it’s just you and Hillary.

Is there anything more pathetic than holding a rally as the VP candidate and not having anyone show up?

Tim Kaine is longing for the days when the bed of a pickup truck was used as a stage.

He’s moved from crowds of ‘tens’ to a handful of ‘fives’.

Six of them.

The estimated crowd was just 30.

Including journalists and handlers.

And after the ‘rallies’…

(Not actual footage of Tim Kaine)

It’s just sad.

The Trump rallies are still packed.

This tweet summed it up nicely:

Hillary has been having difficulty drawing crowds this whole campaign.

So have her surrogates, like Joe Biden.

Is it over for the Hillary campaign?

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