POWER POLITICS: Why TRUMP Is The Remedy For Democrat — AND REPUBLICAN — Status Quo

Written by Rob Morse on October 14, 2016

Why is the Republican establishment badmouthing Donald Trump?

The elite Republican politicians dislike Trump. They are not afraid that Trump will lose the election, but that Trump will win. The Republican’s disdain is no more about Trump saying the word “Pussy” than Hillary’s private email server was about her needing to have one e-mail address on one personal electronic device. It is about power in both cases. The Republican elite hates Trump for the same reasons the Democrats hate him. Trump threatens the political elite’s kickback schemes. Trump might slow down the gravy train that pumps hundreds of millions of dollars to establishment politicians each year. That is why we support him, and we are not alone.

Go along to get along in DC?

Look at the so-called Tea Party Republicans. We voted them into office to reform DC. Most of them then voted for Speaker Paul Ryan’s bloated budget. The freshman legislators were told to go along or they would be challenged in their next primary back home. Many of these so called reformers are now on board the political gravy train. Political kickbacks are more important to them than America’s future. The gravy train is full. Corporations and foreign countries gave Hillary Clinton hundreds of millions of dollars because she sold access that paid off to the tune of billions of dollars.

Are the parties the same?

There is a difference between the parties, though both parties want power. The difference is slight, but important. We watched the Republicans rake in lobbying money. We’ve seen the Socialists weaponize the government to get and keep power. We’ve also seen the Socialists increase the scale of corruption well beyond the usual political action committees. The Clinton Foundation was a watershed innovation in corruption. We now see corruption worthy of a third world country here in the US.

What is the difference?

You might say that one party is more corrupt than the other. That is splitting hairs. Republicans are whores chasing a dollar. Democrats are crack whores chasing power. Government power is their drug of choice. The Democrats’ god is government. Socialist politicians will rationalize anything that centralizes power. They ignore the ugly history of Socialism.

Do we like their lies?

The socialists and their media supporters promote the fantasy that socialists speak “for the people”. They don’t. They speak for big money and bigger government. It isn’t even close. Let me qualify that statement. Many voters prefer a diet of comfortable lies, and the socialists give them that.

Do we want a priest or a president?

Trump talked about treating women crudely. Bill Clinton raped women time after time. There is a difference, but you need to be an adult to understand it. Some of us can’t… and some of us won’t make the effort to understand the difference between words and actions.

Will the media tell us the truth?

Don’t look to the media for help. The media looks away if a socialist politician rapes someone. The media uses the rationalization that rape is in the politician’s personal life rather than their public life. In contrast, the corrupt media claims that it shows irredeemably bad character for a Republican to say the word “pussy”. (Media empires are on the political gravy train too. Check the record if you don’t believe me.) If words like that really shock you then stay the hell away from a construction site or a bar near a military base. You need to stay in your safe space until you grow up.

Are the media AND politicians from both parties corrupt?

Yes, and this should both frighten and shock you. The future of the United States is very much in doubt.

Why do voters like Trump?

Trump said he won’t play the corrupt political game. That is easy for him to say because Trump doesn’t need politics to earn money. He made his millions outside of politics. That threatens the corrupt business as usual in D.C. Trump said F*ck You to the corrupt political establishment. That is why we voted for Trump and not for the corrupt party politicians. Of course they don’t like it.

What should we do now?

We went to the voting booth and said FU to the establishment who wanted to continue selling us down the river as political business as usual. I have not changed my mind since the last election. It frightens the politicians to death that we chose an untested loud mouth billionaire over the vetted Republican Elite. Now the politicians want to punish us. The Democrats are not listening and the Republicans have ignored our message. I say we throw the bums out. That means we vote rather than act prissy and stay home. Vote against the incumbent in every primary until the government gets smaller. There is a difference between the candidates at all levels of government. I have some great choices down the ticket.

Have you gotten politically active or are you playing offended?

Politics isn’t pretty. Most of the politicians are corrupt liars. Don’t blame them. We liked their lies and put them in office. It is up to us to replace them. I’ve found candidates at all levels that I support.

How about you?

Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/5440990018/; CC by 2.0

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