#WUSSIFICATION: If ONLY Millennials Voted – Here’s What The ELECTORAL MAP Would Look Like!

Published on October 28, 2016

In case anyone was still wondering whether or not the school system is failing a generation? This should remove any lingering doubt.

A real-time Electoral College tracking map suggests not only a disappointing Election Day for presidential hopeful Donald Trump, but potential trouble down the road for the Republican Party he represents.

A Mic sneak peek at a new interactive map from SurveyMonkey, which goes public at 9 a.m. Tuesday, shows Democrat Hillary Clinton ahead not just overall in Electoral College projections, but with an overwhelming advantage among millennial voters.


And THIS is probably the real reason Hillary has picked up Bernie’s line and is offering free college:

“In the 2016 election cycle, 69 million millennials are eligible to vote — a number equal to that of baby boomers.”

Hillary picked up on Bernie’s ‘free tuition’ policy even though she has no intention of following through on it:

In one segment of the leaked audio, Hillary focused on her opponent at the time, Bernie Sanders, was pointed to successful programs in Scandinavia which provide universal daycare, family leave, and government sponsored healthcare and college education, as policies that he would seek to adopt. “Progressive” Hillary mocked the compared idea of “free college, free healthcare” to the “extreme” ideas promulgated by the right, which include “populism, nationalism and xenophobia.” — ClashDaily

Because that’s what populists do. They offer free stuff to the people so they can gain political power. This is a story as old as voting itself.

Here’s the map of what voting districts would look like if Millenials were the only ones voting. (Remember… this is now a group the same size as Baby Boomers.) It’s one of the filters on a SurveyMonkey tool. You can find it here.


Ideas have consequences. Some ideas have Terrible consequences. Just ask the good citizens who still remember when Detroit was an amazingly prosperous city.

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