QUESTION: In 2012 Rove Said Romney Would Win. Now He Says Trump Will Lose. Is Rove FULL Of …

Published on October 24, 2016

Karl Rove, known as ‘The Architect’ of the back-to-back George W. Bush electoral victories, is weighing in on Trump’s chances this election.

Watch Rove on Hannity in 2012:

“I do think this. I think there is something going on out there and we saw it in the Des Moines Register poll today,” Karl Rove said on “Hannity” tonight. “The woman who runs the Des Moines Register poll, who knows that state intimately, said, ‘well, wait a minute, Obama is ahead, but five percent of our sample said we’ve got a choice and we’re not telling you who it is.’ I doubt those people are for Obama.”

…Rove says he believes the race will be very close, but predicts Romney gets between 279 and 286 votes in the electoral college and wins the popular vote by 2 to 2.5%.
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Then the Election night reaction to the results from Ohio:

Fast forward to Sunday, October 23, 2016.


Karl Rove talks to Chris Wallace on FOX News:

Answering host Chris Wallace’s questions about Trump’s path to victory, Rove said: ‘Well, if he plays an inside straight, he could get it, but I doubt that he’s going to be able to play it.’

Rove’s suggestion is that Trump is struggling to lock down the necessary states to win, since an inside straight describes an incomplete hand in poker.

Rove explained that poll numbers give Trump a comfortable 186 electoral votes.

Even if he wins Ohio, where he holds a one point edge over Hillary Clinton, and Florida, where his lead is under four points, he would still only have 243.

Rove went on to say that Trump trailed too far behind in the rest of the swing states to pick up two more states necessary to push him over 270.

He said, ‘I don’t see it happening’ – an admission that seemed to take Wallace aback.

Rove continued: ‘I don’t see it happening. Maybe it could, but I doubt that in the just over two weeks that we’ve got left, conducting the kind of campaign he is conducting, that he’s going to be able to swing one out of every, you know, 10 voters…in a state, and convert them.’
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You can watch the entire FOX News Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016 here:

Karl Rove. At what point does having him predict your win actually become a liability?

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