QUESTION: Assange’s Internet Is ‘MYSTERIOUSLY’ Cut Off – Is HILLARY Behind This?

Published on October 17, 2016

Some would call this news suspiciously convenient for Hillary and her campaign.

Since media have long since abandoned any autonomy in favor of political pandering, there are precious few REAL threats of news harmful to Hillary Clinton seeing the light of day.

Julian Assange and Wikileaks are one of the few exceptions. They are producing wave after wave of the kinds of things that Hillary wants to keep hidden. For example, the DNC chair had to step down after emails proving a conspiracy favoring Clinton over Sanders. (Debbie got a job with Hillary that same day.)

While he remains in the Ecuadorian embassy, nobody can touch him.

But they CAN attempt to cut him off from the world in OTHER ways. Like killing his internet connection.

The WikiLeaks founder’s only connection to the outside world from his Ecuadorian embassy hideout in London was cut today, with supporters saying America was behind the cyber attack.


At 6.30am this morning WikiLeaks tweeted: ‘Julian Assange’s internet link has been intentionally severed by a state party’, with conspiracy theorists claiming that it is linked to John Kerry’s visit to London to meet Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

WikiLeaks say they ‘have activated the appropriate contingency plans’ as they try to restore his internet link.

Daily Mail

There was a swirl of controversy when these mysterious tweets went out:


Since Pam Anderson had just brought him a vegan meal, that got to be a crazy part of the story.

That was nonsense. She had noting to gain by cutting Assange off from the world.

The Democrats? That’s another story. Especially since Wikileaks has exposed so much collusion between them and the Democrats.

The have a LOT to gain. Literally, it’s access to the most powerful job on Earth.

Which has some speculating that Hillary is — one way or another — behind this.

But Julian, of course, knowing something like this was a possibility, had contingency plans. Whatever those may be.

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