QUESTION: Would You ENJOY Nugent As A TRUMP v. HILLARY Debate Moderator?

Published on October 14, 2016

We’ve let the ‘objective’ journalists have their crack at moderating these debates. We all saw how THAT turned out.

Who should moderate the last debate? Someone that could be counted upon not to share questions with Team Hillary ahead of time. One that won’t ‘disqualify’ Trump’s answers before he’s even finished a sentence.

One that will ask tough questions without PROVIDING ANSWERS, or reinterpreting what the candidate has said.

But most importantly, one who won’t let the candidates shovel manure.

Surely you remember how ‘fair’ the last ones turned out to be.


Cooper and Raddatz were called out for their biases, too. Sometimes even ‘participating’ in the debate.

But what about THIS guy?


Do you think we could actually get to the REAL issues if ‘Uncle Ted’ ran this circus?

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