Published on October 27, 2016

Is the divide that America has seen this election cycle going to result in violence on Nov. 8? This survey says you should get ready for it…

Not surprisingly, the Media (D) is urging Americans to prepare for violence.

Yes, it’s a bit strange, but it makes sense if you’re on the Left.

After all, what do Leftists do when they don’t get what they want?

Riot, loot and burn things.

Naturally, the thugs on the left would think the same of the voters on the right.

They’re especially worried about the ‘2nd Amendment’ crowd because they’re armed.

A 51% majority of likely voters express at least some concern about the possibility of violence on Election Day; one in five are “very concerned.” Three of four say they have confidence that the United States will have the peaceful transfer of power that has marked American democracy for more than 200 years, but just 40% say they are “very confident” about that.

More than four in 10 of Trump supporters say they won’t recognize the legitimacy of Clinton as president, if she prevails, because they say she wouldn’t have won fair and square.

“I have no idea who is rigging it, (but) there’s just too many inconsistencies coming from all directions,” says William Lister, 71, a Pittsburgh Democrat who is voting Republican for the first time to support Trump. He was among those polled. His advice: “I think everyone should vote on paper ballots this year.”

Clinton supporters overwhelmingly reject the idea that the vote count can’t be trusted. “It’s 2016, and to be able to rig an election would be impossible at this point,” scoffs Jennifer Neugebauer, 36, an orthodontic technician from Philadelphia and a Clinton enthusiast since her first presidential bid eight years ago…

(Apparently, Ms. Neugebauer hasn’t seen this video. Because computers are incredibly hard to hack.)

America is more divided than it has been in a long time.

The Media, however, has chosen a side.

…Few in either camp believe the news media is objective in this election.

By nearly 10-1, all those surveyed say the news media, including major newspapers and TV stations, would like to see Clinton rather than Trump elected. That includes 82% of Trump supporters and 74% of Clinton supporters. Six in 10 Trump supporters say the news media is coordinating stories with individual campaigns, rather than acting on its own accord. Three in 10 of Clinton supporters feel that way.

Read more of the crazy article here: USA Today

Well, at least we can agree that the Media (D) wants Hillary to win.

Whatever happens on Nov. 8, burning down the country is not the answer.

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