QUESTION: Will Hillary Have Bill’s Former Victims KILLED If She’s PRESIDENT?

Published on October 16, 2016

Ascending to the highest office has its perks. Power, influence, the ability to shape a nation, and a really cool residence. Paula Jones fears that ‘Presidential Power’ could mean the ability to permanently silence political enemies.

The former Arkansas state employee who sued former President Bill Clinton for sexual harassment says she fears for her life in the event that his wife, Hillary Clinton, wins the election.

Paula Jones, the woman who received $850,000 from Bill Clinton as part of an out-of-court settlement after she claimed that he exposed himself to her in 1991 in a Little Rock, Arkansas, hotel, told Fox News that she is worried another Clinton administration could spell the end of her life.

‘Absolutely I feel that way if she gets in,’ Jones said when asked by Fox News host Sean Hannity if she fears for her life.

…’She’s been the total enabler,’ Trump said during a rally in Spokane, Washington, this past May.

‘She would go after these women and destroy their lives. She was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler, and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful.’

…Jones suggested to Fox News that there is a historical record of people who have crossed paths with the Clintons who have ended up dead.

When asked by Hannity if the three women could be next, Jones replied: ‘Why wouldn’t we? I mean there have been so many things happen to so many people who are connected to the Clintons.’
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Watch Sean Hannity interview Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, and Kathleen Willey:

The suggestion that the Clintons have eliminated their enemies is not new. Many enemies of Bill and Hillary have met with questionable and untimely deaths.

There was the strange death of possible Wikileaks informant Seth Rich, followed by the sudden fatal accident suffered by John Ashe.

A few days later, two more of the enemies of Hillary and the DNC died mysteriously.
Here is the most recent list that you won’t find on Google.

Hillary has said that you need a ‘public’ and a ‘private’ position on policy.

Kinda like this guy:


Hillary had a private server, deleted thousands of emails, obstructed justice and lied to gold star families… all as Secretary of State.

What the hell will she do if she becomes President?

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