QUESTION: Will TRUMP Win In Spite Of RIGGED System And TOTALLY Biased Press?

Published on October 27, 2016

Trump is not just running against Hillary, he’s up against the entire RIGGED system and the Media (D) hellbent on Progressivism. Can he win with all of THAT stacked against him?

A Hannity and Friends segment discusses the ‘Rigged System’ and the ‘Biased Media’ that Trump referenced in a recent campaign speech.

Sean Hannity begins:

According to a brand new study by the Media Research Center, well, he’s got a reason to be annoyed. The study found that in the 12 weeks since the conventions in July — get this — 91% of evening newscast coverage was negative towards Trump. Also we learn from the WikiLeaks email dump about a dinner at ol’ John Podesta’s house had 25 journalists allegedly invited to just days before Hillary announces that she’s running for President. The list includes reporters from ABC, the Associated Press, Bloomberg, CBS, CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, The New York Times, Politico, Reuters, The Hill, The Wall Street Journal and several others. By the way, nobody from FOX News.




Hannity also mentions that WikiLeaks had the names of 65 journalists that they were wining and dining and the others that they were colluding with.

Judge Janine Pirro weighs in:

This shows that there is an ‘octopus of connections’ and it’s all related to power and money. People who are honest are left out, the American public is being left out, everybody who is an ordinary American is not a part of this game…

…whether it’s the media, or the Department of Justice, the FBI with the email scandal, with the Clinton ‘Pay for Play’ this is all corrupt.

Monica Crowley jumps in on ‘Newsgate 2016’:

Every day of the four years that Mrs. Clinton was Secretary of State she was leveraging her public office to enrich herself, empower herself and her family’s foundation.

Donald Trump is right to point this out, but I would say this: he should be making an even bigger point. Which is in this country we take certain foundations of our system for granted. Under Obama and Clinton those foundations don’t exist anymore. And by that I mean an independent, impartial and fair Department of Justice, FBI and a fair and objective press that’s only interested in the truth. Without those cornerstones, without an impartial entity to enforce the law evenly, whether it’s the FBI or the DOJ or the Press to investigate, we have nothing in this country.

Tucker Carlson comments:

You don’t even need to go to WikiLeaks to determine that [bias] you can go on Twitter. It’s all there. Where every reporter you watch, every reporter whose pieces you read is on there displaying its own opinion, and they’re uniformly on one side… What bothers me is not that the press is not objective, they rarely are, it’s not that they’re liberal, they always have been. It’s that they’re suddenly siding with power. They’re the Praetorian Guard for the Establishment. That is a really ominous thing, because they join Big Business, Academia, Hollywood, the Tech community, the entire political class. Every power-center in the United States is on one side, and the Press has joined them. The Press is supposed to be the watchdog keeping them honest to make sure they don’t misuse that power — but they aren’t.

It all made complete sense.

Until the Twilight Zone moment…


…both Hannity and Carlson agree with Michael Moore’s recent statements about the ‘Biggest F**K YOU in human history’.

Here it is:

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