BREAKING: New Undercover VIDEO Shows Hillary DIRECTLY Involved In Rigging Election

Published on October 24, 2016

THIS. IS. HUGE. Remember, this guy, Creamer, visited the White House HUNDREDS of times, and met with President Obama directly dozens of times. We need to ‘DRAIN THE SWAMP’.

According to White House records, Creamer visited the White House 342 times, and met directly with President 47 times.



Hillary was directly involved. She is the one that wanted to use the ‘Donald Trump’ character.

Watch the Democrat operatives at work as ‘Donald Ducks’:

Here is what the Washington Times had to say in August:

The Democratic Party on Thursday rolled out its latest trick to pressure Donald Trump to release his tax returns, sending a mascot known as “Donald Ducks” to follow the Republican presidential candidate along the campaign trail.

The publicity stunt began Thursday morning at Trump Tower in New York, where the mascot — a human dressed in a costume resembling the classic Disney character Donald Duck — held a sign reading, “Donald Ducks releasing his tax returns.”

The mascot, which the Democratic National Committee refers to as “Mr. Ducks,” also released a statement on the issue.

“What is he trying to hide? Is it because he’s not as rich as he says?” Mr. Ducks said in a statement. “Is it because he doesn’t donate to charity like he says? Is it because he doesn’t pay any taxes? Is it because he has foreign investments that could compromise national security? Whatever it is, it’s no excuse. Donald Trump should stop ducking and release his tax returns to the American people.”

So, who is going to investigate this one?

It appears Hillary violated campaign finance laws established after Watergate.

Hillary remembers Watergate.

She was so corrupt, she got thrown off the Watergate investigation.

She has consistently shown her disregard for the law, and even thinks it’s funny.

She refused to answer any questions about the possible ‘rigging’ of the election.

How will she side-step THIS one?

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