RUSH IS RIGHT: Kaepernick, Leftists, And the Slow Death Of The NFL

Published on October 19, 2016

By Captain Dave Funk
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

For years, Rush has referred to how liberalism destroys everything it touches. Rush has also pontificated at length how the left wants to destroy the NFL, previously by weakening the game through rules on how hard the players can run into each other.

In a not-unexpected-to-me reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement; many players are partaking in acts of protest on the field against police in America during the game. From “hands up – don’t shoot” poses to the latest protests of sitting during the National Anthem started by the now infamous, previously bench-warming Colin Kaepernick, an activity spreading throughout the game down to the high school level.

One of my life’s rules is that you don’t mess with other people’s money. I foresee a lot of players looking for new jobs when the NFL finally acknowledges the obvious. That a large percentage of Americans are turning off their televisions before they will allow the social justice warriors from shoving crap like this down their throats. While those same American’s express their shock that the National Football League prohibited the Dallas Cowboys from wearing stickers on their helmets honoring the police officers recently attacked and killed in Texas.

That’s my view from 41,000 feet in the air; Colin Kaepernick is just another clueless cog in the wheel of the liberal bulldozer crushing the NFL.

photo credit: jimg944 Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, CA via photopin (license)

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