RUSH WARNS: ‘Is Comey Trying To DRAW ATTENTION Away From…’

Published on October 29, 2016

Rush reacted to Comey’s bombshell a little differently than most other Conservatives. Could this be a bait and switch to keep us from seeing a bigger story?

Rush has been waging this battle for a long time. He’s got a good sense of their usual playbook. And he ‘smells a rat’. Or maybe sees someone ‘wagging the dog’.

CNN and all had FINALLY been shamed into reporting the Wikileaks stories. FINALLY forced into discussing the revelations in there.

What if… Rush wonders… What if this ‘bombshell’ was ACTUALLY a distraction.

Remember: we don’t know yet what — if anything — incriminating is to be found in the DickLeaks documents.

But we DO know that there are HEAPS of incriminating details in the WikiLeaks documents.

The moral of this story? While we watch how this plays out… don’t take the pressure off with respect to the Podesta documents.

After all… we now have evidence of DIRECT CONTACT between Obama and Hillary on that private server. Plus whatever is waiting for us on November 1.

With this issue, can conservatives ‘walk and chew gum’? Let’s hope so.

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