WATCH: Even The Trump Hater, Megyn Kelly, Thinks Kaine’s A DOUCHE

Published on October 5, 2016

You know it’s bad, when —


Megyn Kelly is no big fan of Trump. We all know that.

But do you see this?

Kaine — who interrupted Pence 72 times — got called out for ‘me too’-ing during Pence’s recollection of what he was doing in 9/11.

Hillary being in NY during 9/11 was used as a springboard for Kaine to claim she takes security seriously.

Pence mentioned that he was in DC when the Pentagon was attacked.

Kaine couldn’t resist. He was like that annoying little brother trying to be part of the big kids’ convesation:

“Well I was in…”.

Sorry Tim, but did you happen to notice nobody ASKED you? That nobody ACTUALLY CARED?

You had ZERO interest in actual policy. You were all about the sound bite. A mime holding cue cards could have basically done the same thing.

No wonder even Democrats think you lost. You got spanked.


Yep, that about sums it up.

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