WATCH: Anti-Establishment Cruz Endorsed Trump, But NOBODY Expected Him To Do THIS

How the mighty have fallen! Cruz ‘kept his word’ (ie. caved) and endorsed Trump in late September. But now, he’s doing the unspeakable.

This image captures it all:


After fighting the Establishment for years and promising that his career and principles were the compass by which he navigated the dangerous waters of politics, Ted Cruz recently stood up and profoundly proclaimed “never mind.”

If that weren’t bad enough, he has now taken to the phones in what one tweeter referred to as “the final humiliation.”
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But, he is still Ted.

He doesn’t mention Trump’s name in his message, JUST HIS OWN.

Ted Cruz: the new definition of rock bottom.

Oh, yes, he has become a meme.

A couple of ‘artistic’ takes:

That’s just painful to watch.

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