WATCH: CNN Host Says ‘People Who Love Hillary Think She’s NUTS’

Crowds at Trump rallies shouted ‘Do Your Job!’ to CNN reporters and the message is finally sinking in. It must’ve hurt them to have to report this.

The massive dump of Podesta emails by WikiLeaks has forced the hand of CNN reporters.

It’s bad enough to have to mention them, but what’s worse is having to report on the content of the emails.

These emails between Podesta and Tanden are pretty clear that they’re upset with Cheryl Mills and Hillary for the handling of the private server.

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CNN’s John King is forced to admit:

These are people who love her. These are people who love her and support her saying she’s nuts and she’s secretive.

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Watch the whole exchange here:

“At issue, that moment when those outside of Clinton’s inner circle found out about her private email server at home.”

“This shows you that the angst even her campaign chairman wasn’t told until very late that she had a private email server in her Chappaqua, New York home when she was secretary of state. It shows you the secrecy — some would say paranoia — of Hillary Clinton and her inner circle.”

“If we can keep this from people until the last possible second and only release if we’re forced to release it. What does that tell us about a Clinton presidency?” he posed to CNN political reporter Nia-Malika Henderson.

“I mean that’s the big issue should she get elected to the Oval Office,” Henderson responded. “It’s terrible that her inner circle was talking about this in this way. More terrible I think if it had come earlier.”

…“These are people who love her,” King countered. “These are people who love her and support her saying she’s nuts and she’s secretive.”
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Did that hurt a little, CNN?

Aww, poor babies.

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