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WATCH: CNN’s Saint Anderson Cooper Gets Spanked By Madonna – Tells The Crowd ‘F**K YOU’

Anderson Cooper grilled Trump at the Debate about his ‘Hot Mic’ comments. He insisted that Trump has admitted to sexual assault. Well, Mr. Moral High Ground, what about THIS?

Here is Anderson Cooper on his high horse telling Trump what it was that he said on the leaked video:

Watch Anderson Cooper get spanked (literally):

Yep, that was Madonna humping Anderson Cooper.

Eeew. That was icky.

That is just wrong for 2 reasons:

1. It was Madonna.

2. It was Anderson Cooper.

Don’t you just love it when the left gets self-righteous? Isn’t it a hoot?

These are the same people that tell us that:

– There is no such thing as sin

– Morality is relative

– Sex is the be-all, end-all of existence

– Killing unborn children is TOTALLY okay

But, then again, tolerance only extends to those that they agree with.

If you disagree, you’re ‘intolerant’ and some sort of ‘-phobic’.

Did you catch Madonna even saying the station name during the whatever-the-hell that was?

Billy Bush faced repercussions for the video he was in with Trump, maybe CNN should take a look at this one and see if it is conduct befitting one of their anchors.

Hey, Anderson! Maybe you shouldn’t be so ‘judgy’.

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