WATCH: Hillary Intimidates Bill’s Rape Victims But Trump’s ‘SEXIST’ For Calling A Chick Fat 20yrs Ago?!

Published on October 1, 2016

Let’s compare those ‘worst’ things that were said by each, shall we?

Is it worse to call someone ‘Bimbo’ worse than ‘Miss Piggy’?

Hillary decided to point out to the world in the debate ‘some of the worst’ things he had said. This included the terms ‘Miss Piggy’ and ‘Miss Housekeeping’.

This was intended to show that Trump is a ‘bad’ man. Or at least, he was a ‘bad’ man way back in 1997 when he owned the contest she won and agreed to represent for a year.

This clip hammers on the hypocricy of CNN’s handling of this story. It addresses outright lies (about Trump being ‘responsible’ for her eating disorder, CNN’s hypocricy in not reporting or apologizing the fact that CNN said WORSE things than he said, and goes into the intimidation of the women who have seen Bill naked.):

If the 1990s are in play, let’s look at Hillary’s OWN treatment of women:

Of Flowers:

I asked Flowers point blank what she thought of Hillary’s attempt to make women’s issues a major part of her campaign. Flowers responded by saying, “You know, people criticize me for talking about her because I had an affair with her husband.”

“And I don’t blame them for that,” she said. “I understand that. I understand that they can be mad at me. I get it. I accept my responsibility. … But she’s never accepted her responsibility at being an enabler. She’s been an enabler that has encouraged him to go out and do whatever he does with women.”

“Woman’s rights. Ha!” Flowers added. “I personally have worked my tail off to get where I am in the entertainment business, which has not been easy since the Clinton scandal, by the way. … Hillary never put up a shingle and worked for her clients and built her clientele. She always got things on the back of her husband. … I think it’s a joke that she would run on women’s issues.”

Of Juanita Broaddrick:

In one of her first media appearances in nearly a decade, Juanita Broaddrick last November stated on my weekend talk radio show, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” that she blames Hillary Clinton for covering up her husband’s alleged sexual crimes and indiscretions.

“I think she has always known everything about him. I think they have this evil compact between the two of them that they each know what the other does and overlook it. And go right on. And cover one for the other,” she said.

She recalled a personal meeting with Hillary in 1978, in which, Broaddrick believes, the future First Lady strongly implied the alleged rape victim must stay silent about the alleged rape, which she says took place was she a nursing home administrator volunteering for then-Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton’s 1978 gubernatorial bid.

Three weeks after the alleged incident, Broaddrick says she was still in a state of shock and denial about what she said had transpired. She said she attended a private Clinton fundraiser at the home of a local dentist, where she had an encounter with the Clintons and was directly approached by Hillary.

…Broaddrick told me that Hillary approached her “and said ‘It’s so nice to meet you’ and all of the niceties she was trying to say at the time.”

“And said, ‘I just want you to know how much Bill and I appreciate the things you do for him.’ And I just stood there, Aaron. I was sort of you might say shell-shocked.”

“And she said, ‘Do you understand. Everything you do.’’’

…Broaddrick said that “what really went through my mind at that time is ‘She knows. She knew. She’s covering it up and she expects me to do the very same thing.’”

Paula Jones:

“Well, she stood by her man, all right. And she allowed her husband to abuse women, to harass women, possibly other things that he did wrong to women. And she allowed it to happen. As a matter of fact, she would go out and she would try to discredit these women, including me.

“And called us the ‘bimbo eruption.’ You know, these ‘bimbos.’ Okay. For what her husband did to us. But she didn’t believe us. None of us women.”

(Read full article at Breitbart.)

The list goes on. And on. And on.

But TRUMP is ‘mean’, right. So vote Hillary, right? Because ‘fat shaming’. But it’s ok to seek to personally DESTROY a woman whose truth might be spoken against her husband’s (ambitions of) power, right?

Oh, and don’t forget this little morsel from the ‘kind’ and ‘compassionate’ Hillary Clinton:

Hillary was heard calling mentally challenged children ‘f*****g ree-tards’ and caught on record blurting out the terms ‘stupid k**e and ‘f***ing Jew b*****d’, while Bill called the Reverend Jesse Jackson a ‘G**damned n****r’.

Bill was also sued several times by blacks and Hispanics for violations of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

Daily Mail

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