WATCH: If You Give A DAMN About ‘Sexual Assault’ Interview Bill’s VICTIMS!

Published on October 10, 2016

Does CNN seem DESPERATE to legitimize Clinton and demonize Trump? Watch the backpedalling and judge for yourself!

Kelly Conway sits down with CNN. Watch how they look for ways to work in their own narrative, and how desperately they try to steer the narrative away from uncomfortable topics.

You care so much about sexual assault, do you? Maybe yo could interview Clinton’s accusers!

You have all kinds of time for a 20 year old story about Miss Universe — because it reinforces the misogynist narrative. You have time and energy for an eleven year old conversation to be headline news.

But a room full of women who each claim to have been personally wronged by the Clintons — either sexually violated, or denied justice (in the case of the 12 year old rape victim) due to Hillary’s own victim-blaming.

Kelly set them straight.


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