WATCH: Luntz’s 2nd Debate Focus Group BLEW Him Away – Do YOU Agree With Them?

Published on October 10, 2016

NOBODY would have predicted a result this lopsided. Least of all Luntz.

But numbers like THAT? They speak for themselves.



You can check it out yourself, and see if it’s real, or if there are smoke and mirrors.

Every once in awhile there is a debate that has a significant impact, either in the narration of the election, or the actual vote itself. And I think this is one of them.

Raise your hands if you walked in here ‘leaning’ towards Hillary Clinton… 8 or 9 of you …

Raise your hands if you walked in leaning toward Donald Trump. Once again 8 or 9 of you…

Tell me. Tonight, who was the most impactful candidate?

Who says Clinton?
Who says Trump?


And then he asked them one by one.

What do YOU think were the best responses? Did they miss anything?

Leave it in the comments.

Share if you think this is a better measurement than the CNN poll made of 58 percent Democrats.