WATCH: New Video Shows Just How NASTY The Hillary Machine REALLY Is

Published on October 17, 2016

Remember that movie ‘Wag The Dog’? Hillary’s Team have taken that to the next level.

“We have to have people prepared to go wherever these events are, which means we have to do a central kind of agitator training.”

They call it ‘conflict engagement’. They’re ‘starting anarchy here’. And they’ve been caught on hidden camera.

We have people we’ve paid to do sh*t.

It doesn’t matter what the legal and ethics people say. We need to win this.

Creamer affirms on one video that Clinton is aware of “all” of his work, and that Democracy Partners has a daily telephone call with the Clinton campaign to coordinate efforts.

O’Keefe and his team also obtained hidden camera videos showing one of Creamer’s consultants, Scott Foval, describing “bird-dogging,” among other tactics, and taking credit for having instigated violence at several Republican events during the 2016 election cycle.

Foval — who praises Creamer as “diabolical” — explains how “bird-dogging” works: how they plan confrontations in advance, choose particular individuals to provoke, and maximize media coverage. — Allen West

Remember that the law doesn’t allow cooperation between the Super-Pacs and the campaign. Then watch from the 6:00 mark.

At 7:18 you see the ‘script’ for starting confrontations, and how they stage the filming and media response.

It keeps getting worse from there.

And THESE sociopaths are calling Trump’s fans ‘psychopaths’.

Tomorrow, for example, we’re turning out 500 people to Trump International in DC.

Share if her CONTEMPT for lawful democratic process DISQUALIFIES Hillary for President.