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WATCH: ‘Proud’ Hillary Voters Can’t Name One DAMN Thing She’s ACCOMPLISHED

Maybe it’s an unfair question, we couldn’t answer it either. But then again, WE aren’t voting for her.

You can be sure that THIS clip will not be used on Hillary’s promotional materials.

In the clip (below), the students of Georgetown University are perplexed when reporter Cabot Phillips asks them to follow up their support for Crooked Hillary with an example of what she’s done as a career politician. Phillips opens by stating that Fox News released a poll this week “showing that a majority of young people view Hillary Clinton as a positive role model.”

After quickly and proudly announcing to the reporter that they are voting for Hillary, the students’ brains go into panic mode while searching for responses to the follow-up question on Hillary’s significant accomplishments.

…Phillips asks a young man, “What would be the main accomplishment or experience she has that makes her a role model for you?”

Daily Wire

THIS is the woman Obama touts as the most qualified candidate EVER?

Sure, maybe compared to Obama, but EVER? Are you freaking KIDDING?

If Hillary’s track record is something to run FROM not run ON.