WATCH: Thug Breaks Into 72yr. Old’s Home – What 72yr. Old Did Will Make You Shout, ‘BOOM’

Published on October 3, 2016

Sometimes we tell a story of what happens when this play out exactly as they should.

And in this story, the gun made all the difference.

Consider this example.

We have a 72-year-old man. Someone busts into his house in the middle of the night and walks right into his computer room. This person is known to him. The homeowner tells him to leave. He doesn’t. The thief doubles down on his crimes and attacks the homeowner. The old guy shoots his assailant, finds a safe spot, and begins dialing emergency. You can hear him describe it yourself:

In the end, he really WAS responsible for his own defence. By the police are on scene, it’s all over but the cleanup.

What would have happened if a 72 year old is tussiling with an old man. Different story, right?

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