WATCH: Trump DESTROYS Hillary At Alfred E. Smith Dinner (FULL VIDEO)

Published on October 21, 2016

After the tension of the debates, the candidates got to cut loose at a charity dinner, and roast each other. Hillary took a pounding. You can tell by the gasps from the audience.

The usual suspects on the left were predictably outraged when he ‘went there’ toward the end of his speech. They expected him to ‘play nice’ and avoid certain sensitive topics. You know,in the same way that the media has for — well, honestly — her entire campaign.

It starts off lighthearted and witty. At about the 12-minute mark, things pick up, and the gloves come off.

(Notice the expressions on the faces of those around him.)

Did he go too far?

Did these same people speak up about THIS roast?

The one where Ann Coulter was told to ‘kill herself’, and was called a c-nt 19 times?

No, of course not. Because Republicans ‘deserve’ it. But Clintons are royalty and should be treated better than the rest of us. Or something.

One of the things that we admired about Reagan was his ability to bypass the media’s filters and speak directly to the public.

While certainly not comparing Trump to Reagan on either substance or style, it is worth noticing that there is one similarity. He put the critics in the awkward position… if they address his ‘inappropriate’ speech, they must also quote him to do so.

And in quoting him, they will be forced to deal with the very topics they have been actively silencing.

Donna Brazile.


Was he the classless oaf critics want to write him off as being? Or was this a big-picture move to bypass the media censorship?

Either way, will it help him, or hurt him?

We will soon find out, won’t we?

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