WATCH: Trump EXPLAINS What He Meant By ‘RIGGED SYSTEM’ – Powerful Video

You’ve heard everyone ELSE’S opinion about Trump’s ‘rigged’ statements. Now hear it straight from HIM.

He turns his attention to the rigged system around the 5-minute mark.

Some highlights:

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1.8 Million dead people registered to vote.

2.5 Million or so registered in 2 states … potentially voting twice.

The guy who oversees violence visited the White House … and even the President.

Paid thugs.

He goes into more detail in the interview.

But people are worried about ‘Wikileaks’. Which according to a former Ambassador wasn’t the Russians, nor was it a ‘Hack’.

But we’re supposed to believe those ’17 agencies’ about that … right? Not so fast

Maybe the Coast Guard or Energy agencies have something to say about it?

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