WATCH: Trump EXPLAINS What He Meant By ‘RIGGED SYSTEM’ – Powerful Video

Published on October 22, 2016

You’ve heard everyone ELSE’S opinion about Trump’s ‘rigged’ statements. Now hear it straight from HIM.

He turns his attention to the rigged system around the 5-minute mark.

Some highlights:

1.8 Million dead people registered to vote.

2.5 Million or so registered in 2 states … potentially voting twice.

The guy who oversees violence visited the White House … and even the President.

Paid thugs.

He goes into more detail in the interview.

But people are worried about ‘Wikileaks’. Which according to a former Ambassador wasn’t the Russians, nor was it a ‘Hack’.

But we’re supposed to believe those ’17 agencies’ about that … right? Not so fast

Maybe the Coast Guard or Energy agencies have something to say about it?

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