WHOA: Germans Are Sick Of Islam, So They Did THIS To Mosque!

Published on October 2, 2016

Gee, what could POSSIBLY have provoked such a hostile reaction? Any guesses?

Some sites reported it as a horrible act of xenophobia:

Security has been stepped up in the German city of Dresden, following two bomb attacks on a mosque and a conference center Monday evening.

No one was injured in the attacks, which included two homemade devices, according to police.
The bombings come ahead of next weekend’s German Unity Day celebrations, which German Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to attend. The celebrations mark the 26th anniversary of the reunification of East and West Germany.


Others reported it as a predictable, if visceral, reaction to more than a year of German citizens being mistreated, taken advantage of, or simply abused by their ‘guests’:

The intelligent people of Germany had enough of the Muslim garbage polluting their streets, raping women, stealing goats, and marrying their 9-year-olds.

With that being said, the Germans have exploded a Mosque and I’m betting there’s more to come. While this might cause a slight riff in the population with the Liberal idiots who think it’s OK to hoard Muslim migrants like they’re collecting stuffed animals, we should probably remind those libtards that these Muslim migrants will eventually throw a gay liberal in a pool of acid and gang rape a family while raiding the food trucks. — FreedomDaily

They weren’t the first ones, to blow up a mosque either. Remember the Russians did THIS?

Is it because they were ‘xenophobic’? No. It was because they found EXPLOSIVES in an alleged house of worship.

It wasn’t the ONLY ‘house of worship’ where weapons were found, either. You might have missed THIS little gem, seeing as it’s not the sort of story CNN typically reports on.

HEY, POLLYANNA: Check Out The WEAPONS Cache Just Confiscated At MOSQUE

But ‘Coexist’, right?

What if the REAL ‘xenophobia’ problem isn’t actually the GERMANS?

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